Laal Rang Movie 2016 Download Torrent

This story ( Laal Rang Movie 2016 ) is from Karnal, Haryana, where ‘blood’ stealing racket kingpin of children to Shankar (Randeep Hooda) who is himself from medical school diploma as well as arrange for blood at the blood bank business is illegal. Rajesh same college (Akshay Oberoi) and Poonam Sharma (Pia Bajpai) also took fresh new admissions and seem to love each other. Rajesh Rajesh Shankar becomes friends with the ‘blood’ stealing money seems to be part of. When the local police inspector Gajraj Singh (Rajneesh Duggal) that strikes the eye of all these people involved with this racket, he is now on the lookout for the gang of elephant Shankar Singh, will take? This racket will be revealed? Knowing this, you will see films.