Ki & Ka 2016 HD Movie Torrent Download

R. Balki films have come from the world of advertising and their ideas are always amazing. Which reflect the ‘low sugar’ and ‘find’,ki and ka has to. But that are lost his magic touch as before and have lost Filmmeking. Indeed that ‘Shamitabh’ he had raised an interesting topic. The film was made but very routine type. This time is the same. Equality and gender role reversal as he picked up the theme. Theme think it was good but weak story, poor treatment and subject derailed flavors and purpose of the entire film put the screw. So he brought up the matter of today’s world but caught Bollywood hassle of navigating through a well-defined topic and sitting Bntadhar. Seeing the film, it seemed to dominate the director Balki advertising within 30 seconds of advertising if they chose the right concept but could not convert the two-hour movie correctly.