Baaghi Movie 720p 2016 Torrent Download

This story, the local Ronnie (Tiger Shroff), which is very angry. Why his father to control her anger in a Kerala Akdemi send. Kerala while leaving the train he met Sia Khurana (Shraddha Kapoor) occurs. Sia is the same enthusiasm and passion that is Ronnie.
Both eyes are the eyes of love. Meanwhile Akdemi Star Student Raghav (Sudhir Babu) is also in love with Sia and Love Triangle At the same time begins. Then comes the twist in the story and any reasons Raghav, Bangkok and takes you where Sia kidnap her ‘Fight Club’ is big business.
When Ronnie is aware that Thailand is looking Sia and when he arrives is once again confronted Raghav. Both are still madly in love with Sia. Who of Ronnie and will now Raghav siya? The address will be seeing the film.