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Firangi HD Movie Full 2017 Download Torrent

This story is from the year 1921. Where the boy of Bikramapur village, Mangat Ram alias Manga (Kapil Sharma) lives with his family. Who wants to be admitted to the police. The British rule was in those days. Because of this, on one hand where the Ayogyog movement was going on, there were many Indians working for the British When the manga goes to his village in the marriage of his friend Hiram (Inamul Haq), his eye falls on Siri (Ishita Dutt).Seeing the sergee, the manga gets the love in the eyes only. This relationship is liked by the father (Rajesh Sharma) of Saragi but his grandfather (Anjan Srivastava) is not completely approved. Actually, Dada did not like working for the British through the manga. At the same time, King Inderbir Singh (Kumud Mishra) and English officer Mark Daniels (Edward Sounenblick) plan to build a wine factory by storming the village. The story comes to an interesting turn in the end. Where there is love of manga-syargi on one side, on the other side conspiracy against the British and the King’s villagers. In the meantime, you will know what happens after watching the film.

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Firangi HD Movie Full 2017 Download Torrent
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