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Download torrent: Extraordinary Mission HD Movie 2017 Torrent Download
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Extraordinary Mission HD Movie 2017 Torrent Download

Other than those chasing and gun fights, what we got here is a stupidly written screenplay and very bad and wrong casting job. So you just give some fake identity cards to a entry level cop, then this guy could so easily become an undercover druggie who could so easily infiltrate the drug cartel and rapidly raises himself as one the key persons in the cartel? What a joke! Then this guy could so easily arrange meetings with his handler and submit the cartel’s activities, manufacturing factories, routes and whatsoever. The crappy screenplay simply making everything look so easily and readily arranged. And then we got the serious problem of casting. The leading actor who plays the undercover guy did a poor convincing job, his only thing to act like a lowlife is just keeping chain smoking. The car chase, the escape….whatever, every scene just look so conveniently and easily self-explained but simply highly unlikely and impossible, yet every impossible scene and scenario just worked out easily.

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Extraordinary Mission HD Movie 2017 Torrent Download

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